About Us

Taxel - Touch to Control

We are a young, innovative team. We are supported by the Institute for Robotics and Process Informatics at the TU Braunschweig. The aim of Taxel is to create a direct connection between control and gesture semantics and thus make the operation of devices and machines easier, safer and more intuitive. The area of smart haptics is a new market that is only just developing, but offers great potential. We at Taxel want to do our part in this area.

Meet The Team

Paula Ehrhardt

Organization & business development

M.Sc Electrical Engineering

B.Sc International Project Engineering

Florian Lehmann

Marketing & Communications

B.Sc. International Relationships

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Silvan Ehrhardt

Software development


M.Sc Physics

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Hardware development

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering


Pro. Dr. Jochen Steil

Investor & Advisor

Professor of Robotics, Technical University Braunschweig


PhD. Degree (Dr. rer. Nat)

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Our Story

Traditionally, many devices, including robots are still controlled by buttons. Especially with complex processes and controls, however, these buttons can quickly become unintuitive. An innovative method for the interaction between humans and robots has been intensively researched in recent years at the IRP of the TU Braunschweig. Taxel is now taking this method out of research into the open market. These are the control of devices and machines via 2D gesture recognition on tactile, bendable surface sensors ("gesture interface"). Since the emergence of smartphones and tablets, we've become used to controlling things with 2D gestures - like moving along lines up and down to scroll through a website or the "pinch" gesture to zoom in or out. The most dedicated machines and devices are still controlled by classic buttons - we want to change that to make their operation more intuitive and easier.